Do you want to invest in forex? you don’t know where to start or you just want to know the available options.

Say you have some $50,000 (this is just an example) and you want to invest it in forex but you do not know how to trade or you are looking for the best way to invest it.

Fact: you really do not need to know how to trade forex in other to invest in foreign currency trading.

Although I will touch on what forex trading is especially for those that want to learn.

What I will focus on in this guide is to show you how you can invest in forex trading without needing to learn any cumbersome terms.

There are four major ways to invest in forex;

  1. Invest in forex by using a forex robot,
  2. by employing an account manager,
  3. Invest in forex by copying other people’s trade,
  4. Learning to trade by yourself.

My name is Sydney Kibuuka.

I am the owner of, a thriving community of successful forex traders and investors alike.

From experience, I know that it would take a lot of time for a beginner to become a successful and profitable forex trader.

Therefore, Instead of learning how to trade forex from scratch. You lot want a quicker way as the end goal is to make profits in invested capital.

In this comprehensive guide, I will give you the best advice so you don’t lose your money, I will give you the best options to make your money grow through forex trading. You really do not need to learn how to trade forex.

I will answer the following questions

  1. What Is Forex Trading
  2. Do You Need to learn Forex to be Able to Invest?
  3. How much should you invest in forex?
  4. How much ROI should you expect from your investment?
  5. 4 Different Ways to Invest in Forex Trading?
  6. How Not to lose your money or get scammed.

What is Forex Trading

Forex Trading is the business of trading currencies, that is foreign currency trading or exchange.

The Forex market is also the oldest existing market because as long as two countries traded with each other, they needed their currencies exchanged.

If you live in the United States and would like to travel to Europe,
you’d have to exchange your $$ for Euro right? That’s forex in real life.

Until a few years ago, the Forex market was closed to private individuals. Only governments, banks, large hedge funds, and other wealthy institutions were allowed to trade in this market.

All this has changed in the wake of the internet revolution.

Today, anyone can trade the Forex market, as long as they have a computer connected to the Internet.

I am not about to teach you how to trade forex in this article.

I will only show you the ways in which you can start investing in forex right away without having to learn forex trading.

Later on, I will create a separate course on how to trade forex.

For now, let’s focus on how to invest in forex trading.

Why You Might Not Need To learn Forex to Invest in It.

Yeah, you read that right, you might not need to learn forex to invest in it.

Learning how to trade forex is a beautiful journey that everyone should consider but that does not mean they would end up successful.

Also, not everyone has the time to sit in front of the PC 24/7 interpreting charts and patterns.

and, some others only want to grow their money. say from $10,000 to $20,000 in 1 year. They simply want to invest the money instead of keeping it in the bank.

You see, you do not need to learn how to trade forex to invest in it cos there are already tools, platforms, and people that can help you invest your money in forex.

The goal is to invest money and see results.

Let’s talk about the risks involved in forex trading.

How Much Should You Invest In forex?

Forex is a trillion-dollar market. Some make fortunes and some lose their life savings.

It’s a two-edged sword. I am hoping you do not get on the wrong side of it. and if you have lost money to forex in the past, then you need to make changes to how you approach forex trading.

Most people would scare you away by asking; how much are you willing to lose?

Do you know why they are asking such questions? that’s because of the platitude that forex is highly risky.

but they stand corrected cos forex is not a game but a real business.

2nd, forex is not as risky as popularly believed, the traders are the risky ones.

Every business has its own risk and forex trading is no different.

The problem is that most traders approach forex like gambling which then makes it even riskier.

With that in mind; I am going to tell you the optimal amount anyone should be investing in forex.

Take note of these facts;

  1. If you put in small money and expect big returns then you are a gambler.
  2. Even if you put in big money, it’s all about the person trading the money; the kind of strategy and risk management employed.
  3. because forex is a trillion-dollar market, every money you put in should be considered ridiculously small.

but still, anyone can invest, and from experience; any money less than $5000 is small money. an optimal amount would be a capital of more than $10,000.

Therefore; if you are looking to invest in forex; prepare for not less than $10,000. if you have more, then it’s even better.

Investments of $1,000,000 in forex are generally safer and better than $10,000 cos technically speaking, the more money you have the farther you are from gross losses.

be careful though; cos if you give $1,000,000 to the wrong forex strategy, robot, or trader, you could still lose all your money.

Forex is done right when you combine the right capital with the right trading methods.

now that you have an idea of how much you should be investing in forex; 

The question is; what kinds of results should you expect in returns on investment?

How much should you expect from your investment?

I have a few questions for you; are you a gambler? greedy? or are you looking for a get-rich-quick scheme?

if you answered yes to all the questions above; then you need not waste your time; investing in forex is not for you.

Well, pretty much very few people would give a NO as an answer to the questions above.

That’s why I am willing to help you discover yourself a bit.

let me show you who you are;

If you are one of those people hell-bent on getting over 40% ROI on your forex investment every month; then you are pretty much greedy just like everybody else.

This kind of mentality is the reason I lost my dad’s $10,000 savings to forex back in 2007.

forex is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and if it was, everyone on planet earth would be trading forex right now and we would all be a Warren Buffet.

This should easily tell you why so many people have been scammed on the internet. 

Scammers are pouncing on this inbuilt vulnerability of ours. You should see my article where I revealed the real truth about forex trading.

The scammers know that you and I are greedy and that we would be easily swayed when they tell us that we can get 100% of our money in one month.

They use many tactics to deceive people and rip them off their money.

Today, I am going to tell you the truth, and the truth alone.

Anyone or system promising you 40% and above every month without doing anything other than trading will either lose all your money soon or run away with it eventually.

Forex is no game, it’s a real business.

I would love to change your mentality today; that you should approach forex the right way.

For me and my friends at THRIVE FX CAPITAL

We expect between %1 to 30% ROI every month.

I do tell all my investors to just put their minds on a %5 return every month.

This has been my profession for 14 years, and I know that saving your money in the bank can’t give you such returns.

Yet, I don’t wanna give you false hopes and information.

For smart investors, we target 50-200% ROI Yearly. that’s in the range of 5-20% ROI every month.

which then means if you are planning to invest $100,000, You can safely expect between $5000 – $20,000 return in a month.

You surely can profit every month.

Are you okay with this?

If so, then let’s talk about the best way to invest your money in forex

How to Invest in Forex Trading – #4 Methods

There are 4 options available;

  1. Have your invested capital managed by someone who is an experienced forex trader.
  2. Use a Forex Robot
  3. Copy trade from another source
  4. Learn to trade by yourself

Method #1!: Let someone manage or trade your Money For You

Is this Option wise? do you know any forex trader who has a proven strategy and track record as regards forex trading?

And how do you know if a forex trader has a proven strategy and is not a bloody scammer?

You should already know.

  1. Ask for his live trading account login detail, not a demo account, please.
  2. Make sure such a trader has at least 5 months of live account trading history.
  3. Don’t start with too much money except if you are very sure and comfortable with the number 1 and 2 above.
  4. Do not send money directly to anyone; either on Facebook, Instagram or Telegram. (that will be a scammer trying to run away with your money, if you are a complete beginner, let the trader show you how to fund your trading account by yourself, and then give him trade-only permission to your account). Please do not send money directly to anyone that says they wanna trade for you. 
  5. Evidence exists that some scammers are capable of creating look-alike, cloned and spam forex brokers, whereby if you deposit your money to them, you will be ripped. To be safe, research the recommended forex brokers on your own.

The reason I love this option of investment is that the manager or forex trader will want to make money for himself by trading for you. It is a win-win situation. the forex trader or account manager knows you won’t pay him if he doesn’t make profits on your money.

Once again, do not fall into the hand of a scammer, especially those sending fake stacks of money and testimonials on Instagram and Telegram.

Test the forex trader (Account manager) ??.  How to Prevent scams!!!

How? Tell the manager(forex trader) that you will send your investment capital to him directly.

If he accepts this offer. Run for your life.?‍♂️?‍♂️ that’s a scammer.

Do you know why?

Why will the manager tell you to send your funds to him directly?

What if he dies tomorrow, how will you get your funds back?

Or he generates 20% on your capital a month and tells you he did only 10%.

What if he did not invest your capital but used it to pay someone else that he already scammed and shows you an edited account history? he could be running a Ponzi scheme.

Never send your investment capital to anyone who promises to manage and trade for you.

The best way is to allow your trusted forex trader to manage your invested capital which you can personally deposit into a forex broker account that you opened by yourself and you can also use a recommended broker from the forex trader. (he should be able to put you through on this)

Be careful when someone recommends a broker to you as well, some scammers have been creating their own websites and pretending it’s legitimate forex brokers.

Therefore, you need to make personal research, look up the website, check if the broker is regulated,
and check their social media platforms. Please be careful.

So, if all goes well, you only need to send your trading account login details to the manager.

The manager won’t be able to withdraw your funds. His only job is to trade for you.

If you know a successful trader trading profitably? , consistently for years, why waste time learning, why waste time trading yourself?

Thou, you can learn the basics of trading which is not bad,

But instead of chasing years of experience that someone already has. Use the knowledge of such a person to make your money grow.

If this is what you want; check out my account management service here.

How much you need to invest in forex will depend on the forex account manager and you.

Let’s assume I want to trade for you. I normally do not manage accounts of less than $10k.

Meanwhile, I prefer to manage and trade bigger accounts, but I am aware that some people want to have a one-month test before they put in big funds. (that’s not bad, it’s called investigation, the first law of investment)

And how much should you expect as ROI? Yeah, if you get 5% on $10k monthly that is 500usd right, what if you get 10%, that is 1000 USD right? and look at the bigger picture; that’s some whooping 50%-120% a year.

Now how much does your bank give you on that kind of savings per year?

I doubt if they can even give you 1% or 2 % yearly…?????.

Instead of saving, why can’t you find a reputable forex account manager and allow him to manage your account?

Although some forex account managers will charge you a fixed fee for their services, some others would ask you for a share of the monthly profits.

You have the money, the manager has the skill. sometimes the manager is richer than you, so please respect us. lol

You and I want returns from our investments, isn’t it?

And if we know someone trustworthy who can help manage our invested capital why won’t we give it a shot?

Don’t forget that just like every other business, risk is involved. in losing or winning. the same is for forex. and this is a very good mindset.

Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.

Every single dollar you invest is for a secure future.

Making your money work for you doesn’t have to be that difficult, but my friend, do not be greedy.

Let’s talk about the second option.

#Method 2!: Invest in Forex By Using A Forex Robot

A Forex robot is software that trades the forex market on automatic without any human intervention.

There are many forex robots in the market that you can pick from to do a good job for you but I must let you know that if you make the mistake of buying and using the wrong forex robot, then you will end up with losses.

There are things to consider before buying a forex robot.

For example, you must be able to determine if the forex robot is truly profitable.

Do not worry, I know you might find it quite difficult to go all out looking for forex trading by yourself.

To save you the stress of having to look for and buy a forex robot by yourself, 

All you need to do is set and forget the robot to trade your account for you.

#Method 3!!: Copying trades or receiving forex signals from a third party.

Hmmm, this method of investing is close to trading by yourself. 

If you are receiving a signal it means you are placing your buy and sell yourself.

And if you are copying a trade it means an automated trade copier is doing the work for you. I am working on a trade copier already, you can send a message to ask about the availability.

Now, how do we know if copying a trade is worth it or receiving a signal? 

The best way is to ask for the investor password of the third-party account or Myfxbook link.

Please when you are requesting a Myfxbook link make sure all details are verified.

We don’t want someone giving us a fake Myfxbook link or a non-verified Myfxbook.

I love seeing third-party investor passwords so I can go through all details myself and see current trades, not just Myfxbook where some guys will hide all those running trades because they are losing.

And make sure is up to 5 months minimum. I mean the account history.

Not someone who sent you an account of 1-month history.

You can also ask the signal provider or copier provider to give you a test for a week just to make sure the same trades you copy to your demo or live account are the same on the investor account details they sent to you.

With that, you can reduce the risk of you crashing your account or protect yourself from a scammer.

#Method 4!!: “Learn Forex and Trade By Yourself”

If you have some experience in trading and you are confident you can do it yourself, then go ahead and trade; you can even use a forex robot or indicator.

Just be very careful while using any tool.

Do you know why? cos there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of trading tools online.

in this beautiful moment that you are going through this content. Someone is out there developing a new forex indicator or robot, if you go to websites like forex factory and mql5, you are going to find thousands in one place.

and that’s why you must be careful, one of the reasons why people lose money in forex is cos they are using crap forex robots and indicators

Because 90% of those tools are crap…

Yes, Robots are cool because they lift the pain of what you go through while trading with your emotion.

But Robots can become deadly tools that could crash your invested money emotionlessly.

So, if you don’t know how a robot works, or just have an idea of what it does, never allow it to trade for you.

The fastest way to have an idea of how it works is to ask the person who gave you, then go run backtests for like 15 years.

Use real data from the tick suite. With the real data of the tick suite, you will be able to backtest on real data.

It would show glimpses of what could happen to your money using a forex market situation from the past. Backtesting is the key and fastest way to know if a robot is a crap or not.

Bad enough, some smart thieves will design a forex robot to work perfectly on backtest.

Therefore, to make sure you catch them, ask for their investor password to show their recent trade history. Login and double-check if their system truly works.

Because truly; if a robot or indicator works no one will sell it and those who sell it will restrict it to only a few people.

Therefore, be careful my friend.